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Whether you’re charged with DUI, a Drug Offense, Domestic Violence, or any number of felony crimes in the Tacoma area, attorney Benfield is the tireless and well-respected advocate you’ll want by your side.


At The Law Offices of Morgan Fletcher Benfield, PLLC, we know how easy it is to become caught up in a situation that you didn’t see coming. All too often, decent and hardworking people throughout the state of Washington find themselves facing serious and potentially life-altering criminal accusations.

When the unexpected happens and your reputation, livelihood, and even your freedom are put in jeopardy, you’ll need an ally that not only knows you, but believes that your rights and the life you’ve built deserve protection. That’s why attorney Morgan Fletcher Benfield provides every client with the strongest possible defense – No matter the charge.

Rest assured that you’ll be prepared with attorney Benfield in your corner.

The legal system can be intimidating. And law enforcement is not always interested in protecting your rights. Before trying to shoulder this burden on your own, it is always worthwhile to seek guidance from a skilled criminal defense attorney, who can offer practical advice and solutions.

Through considerable trial work, attorney Benfield has been recognized for his skilled advocacy and is well respected throughout the state’s criminal defense arena. With a deep understanding of the law and how the justice system realistically operates, we know that successfully dealing with your case often relies on open and direct communication.

A Unique Defense for Every Client

If a DUI has placed your license on the line, a theft-related offense has put your career at risk, or serious felony charges may send you to prison, the impact of criminal convictions are far-reaching and never one-size fits all. That’s why, attorney Benfield will get to know you, what’s important to you, and will develop a strategy that reflects the intensity and personalized attention you deserve. We will use every available resource to uncover what may have been overlooked or ignored and will fight for the best possible outcome in your case. If we can negotiate a speedy dismissal or reduction in charges, we’ll achieve it and if you’re best chance for success is through a trial, we’ll handle things from start to finish.

Accessibility & Reasonable Fees

We fully appreciate that arrests and criminal charges often happen at inconvenient times. As a result, attorney Benfield strives to remain available to every client and handle every case like it his only one. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and will respond to your calls and emails as promptly as possible.

We don’t think the hardworking people in the Tacoma and Seattle area should have to sacrifice their financial security or leverage their future to defend themselves against criminal charges. With various payment options available, you will always know the cost associated with your defense, and everything will be included in that expense.




If you have been charged with a crime in Tacoma, Washington or Pierce, King and Snohomish counties, contact us today.

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