What Are The Penalties Of Domestic Violence In Washington?

Penalties of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges are taken very seriously in Washington State and the penalties are often severe. From steep fines to extensive sentences, domestic violence penalties can follow you for many years to come. This is why such charges should never be handled carelessly. If you are facing domestic violence allegations, it’s important to find a […]

Know Your Rights — Why You Shouldn’t Talk to the Police

Don't talk to the police

An unfortunately common misconception is the belief that you can talk your way out of trouble with the police. The reality is that you can’t. Whether you’re suspected of a DUI, under investigation for domestic violence, or pulled over for a minor driving offense, talking to the police will not help you. In fact, the […]

Prostitution Sting Operations in Washington: What You Need to Know

Prostitution stings are a common fixture in the American news cycle. News reports and articles detail the tactics used by the police to catch sex buyers, whose identities are readily shared to the public–especially if they are celebrities or well-known within the community. The public shaming is supposed to dissuade people from soliciting and engaging […]

Military Controlled Substances and Banned Supplements in Washington

Members of the United States Military are held to stricter standards than typical civilians, and there is no exception when it comes to illicit substances. All branches observe a no-tolerance policy when it comes to drugs and supplements that are on the military banned substance list. This can sometimes create conflict. Even substances that are […]

Can You Join the Military with a Misdemeanor?

Gavel and Scale

Members of the United States Military hold a unique position. Those who enlist in the U.S. Armed Forces are held to a high moral standard. This means anyone wanting to join must undergo a criminal background check. This may leave you wondering whether you can still enlist in the military with a misdemeanor on your […]

Is Deferred Prosecution an Option for My Washington DUI?

Washington laws can be very harsh on individuals convicted of DUI. However, the state recognizes that certain offenders are also victims of drugs or alcohol addiction and allows some leeway when it comes to potential penalties and treatment alternatives. The state’s deferred prosecution law affords a person facing DUI charges the chance to complete an […]

Am I Eligible for Mental Health Court?

Mental Health Court

Throughout Washington, many local municipalities have a mental health court for those charged with various crimes. This court specifically handles cases for defendants who have a mental illness. It is a voluntary diversion from the traditional criminal justice system and connects individuals with community-based treatment and support. If you can utilize this option and choose […]