Can I Get Charged with Soliciting a Prostitute If I Never Meet Them in Person?

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Many people wrongly assume that sexual activity needs to occur for prostitution charges to stick. Similarly, it’s also wrong to assume that you need to meet a prostitute in person to be subject to solicitation charges. Washington’s prostitution laws are written specifically to make it easier for law enforcement to set up sting operations to […]

Prostitution Sting Operations in Washington: What You Need to Know

Prostitution stings are a common fixture in the American news cycle. News reports and articles detail the tactics used by the police to catch sex buyers, whose identities are readily shared to the public–especially if they are celebrities or well-known within the community. The public shaming is supposed to dissuade people from soliciting and engaging […]

What to Do If You’re Being Investigated for a Sex Crime

If you know that you are under investigation for a sex offense in Washington, whether you have been arrested, indicted, or neither, the first thing you want to do is contact an experienced and aggressive Tacoma sex crimes lawyer from The Law Offices of Morgan Fletcher Benfield, PLLC. You are going to need legal representation. […]