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There are virtually no other crimes that carry the same stigma and costs. Those convicted face serious penalties like prison terms and classification as a registered sex offender.

Few crimes have such severe consequences and social stigmas as sex crimes. A conviction can result in imprisonment, probation, and being registered as a sex offender, among other penalties. Even if you are merely accused of such an offense, it can harm your reputation and cause significant damage to your personal and professional relationships. This is why it is crucial to take sex crime charges seriously and seek legal representation from a skilled and experienced attorney.

If you are facing charges related to sexual offenses or have been contacted by law enforcement regarding allegations against you, it is vital to safeguard your rights by consulting a competent sex crimes lawyer. Law enforcement officials and prosecutors often act swiftly in these cases, which can lead to errors and false accusations. A knowledgeable lawyer can help you navigate the complexities of the legal system and build a strong defense.

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Sex crimes in Washington are addressed under RCW Title 9a Chapter 44 and cover a wide variety of offenses. They range in severity, possible consequences, and encompass some complex legal issues like consent and mental capacity. Some of the most common sex crimes in Washington include:


Sexual Assault

Often used when referring to various sex crimes such as rape or forced sexual intercourse without the other person’s consent.

Indecent Exposure

Intentionally exposing your private parts in a public space or place where other people are present and making any open and obscene exposure of his or her person or the person of another knowing that the conduct is likely to cause reasonable affront or alarm.


This relates to engaging or agreeing or offering to engage in sexual conduct with another person in return for a fee.

The penalties for sex crime convictions are particularly harsh in Washington and depending on your criminal history, the offense in question, and the surrounding circumstances you will face:

  • A potential jail or prison sentence
  • Requirement to register as a sex offender
  • Felony convictions on your record
  • Electronic Home Monitoring
  • Probation
  • Mandatory Counseling/Treatment
  • Loss of employment
  • Loss of reputation
  • Limited contact with minors, even your own relatives and children


Being accused of a sex crime is a unique and serious matter. Unlike other allegations, a conviction can have lifelong consequences, including being registered as a sex offender, having personal information and the details of the crime posted online indefinitely, and facing challenges finding employment or living where you choose.

It is crucial to have an experienced sex crimes attorney by your side from the outset to protect your rights and interests. Unfortunately, false or erroneous accusations of sex crimes are not uncommon, and without proper representation, significant harm can result. A knowledgeable sex crimes lawyer can make all the difference.


Morgan Fletcher Benfield, an experienced sex crimes attorney, is dedicated to achieving the most favorable outcome for your case, whether it involves a complete dismissal, a reduction in charges, or going to trial to prove your innocence. He will analyze the police investigation for any errors or violations and closely evaluate your accuser’s motives for making false accusations against you.

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