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Throughout Washington state, allegations of domestic violence are taken very seriously. At The Law Offices of Morgan Fletcher Benfield PLLC, we take them seriously too.

The Law Offices of Morgan Fletcher Benfield PLLC recognizes the gravity of domestic violence allegations. These types of cases are taken seriously across Washington state. We take them seriously too. Unfortunately, the justice system’s handling of such cases is flawed, and innocent individuals can find themselves in challenging circumstances due to false or exaggerated accusations. Families can be torn apart, and the resulting stress can be overwhelming. It is crucial to seek assistance from a competent domestic violence lawyer to address these accusations promptly. Schedule a free and confidential consultation with Washington criminal defense attorney Morgan Fletcher Benfield to discuss your situation. Call (253) 518-3643.

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Under RCW 10.99.020 and RCW 26.50.010, domestic violence is defined as practically any criminal action that causes “physical harm, bodily injury, assault, or the infliction of fear of imminent physical harm, bodily injury or assault, between family or household members or between people with a dating relationship.” Specifically, “household members” covers any spouses, children, and any relatives or non-relatives living in the same home.

Some of the common criminal charges related to domestic violence include:

  • Assault
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Sexual Assault
  • Harassment
  • Violation of Protective Orders
  • Malicious Mischief

Advocates for the Falsely Accused

While laws related to domestic violence are in place to protect victims, wrongful accusations can happen all too often. These cases often lack physical evidence and rely heavily on statements from the accuser. A conviction for domestic violence can result in severe consequences like imprisonment, hefty fines, and a criminal record that can harm one’s reputation. It can be challenging for those falsely accused of domestic violence to find the help they need without proper legal guidance. At The Law Offices of Morgan Fletcher Benfield, PLLC, we understand the complexity of your situation and are committed to handling your case with the utmost sensitivity and discretion. Contact us for a confidential and free consultation.

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False or exaggerated allegations of domestic violence can have devastating consequences on an individual’s reputation, criminal record, and personal life. However, defending oneself against such accusations can be challenging without effective legal guidance. The Law Offices of Morgan Fletcher Benfield, PLLC can provide skilled representation to individuals facing such allegations. A domestic violence attorney can carefully analyze the evidence and scrutinize the accuser’s story for inconsistencies. Additionally, the attorney can present evidence showing that the accused acted out of self-defense or lacked the intent to harm the other person. If a conviction seems inevitable, the attorney can explore all available options, including negotiating for a lesser charge, diversion or anger management programs, or other favorable outcomes at sentencing. Contact The Law Offices of Morgan Fletcher Benfield, PLLC today for a free consultation to discuss your options.



The realm of domestic violence charges can be emotionally and legally complex, leading to turmoil for you and your loved ones. At The Law Offices of Morgan Fletcher Benfield, PLLC, we recognize the impact this can have on your life and are ready to offer guidance on how to safeguard your rights throughout the process.

If you are facing domestic violence charges, attorney Morgan Fletcher Benfield can provide you with further information on your legal options and potential outcomes in a free and confidential consultation. Call (253) 518-3643.