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Kent criminal defense attorney, Morgan Fletcher Benfield, is committed to providing you with the best possible defense and outcome for your case. With his deep understanding of criminal law and the justice system, he is able to build a unique and powerful defense for every client.

Kent Criminal Defense Lawyer

From DUI charges to assault and solicitation, Morgan Benfield is armed with experience in every sphere of criminal law and has a proven track record of successfully resolved cases.

Kent DUI Lawyer

The consequences of receiving a DUI conviction in Kent are severe. The penalties range from steep fines to license suspension — depending on if your DUI conviction gets processed as a misdemeanor or a felony — and having a conviction on your record can lead to loss of employment and steep insurance fees.

Your fate isn’t set though. By working with a skilled Kent DUI attorney, you can increase the chances of getting your case dismissed or significantly reduced. A DUI lawyer, like Morgan Fletcher Benfield, can bolster your defense by filing a pretrial motion to suppress evidence, or reviewing calibration/maintenance records on your breathalyzer to check for errors. Most importantly, an aggressive Kent DUI lawyer will be able to effectively cross-examine the police officer that arrested you — possibly revealing mistakes that the officer made during the procedure.

Drug Possession

Accusations of drug possession are taken very seriously in Kent. If a minor is caught with any amount of marijuana then they face a misdemeanor at least and a felony if the amount is over 40 grams. Beyond that, possession of any other type of drug (e.g. heroin, ecstasy, methadone) is a Class C Felony for minors and adults. Felony penalties for drug possession are severe, with fines of up to $10,000 and five years in prison.

Don’t gamble with your future. If you’ve been accused of drug possession in Kent, seek out a drug defense attorney today. An expert lawyer will be able to analyze the evidence brought against you and get faulty evidence thrown out. Did the police officer who searched you have probable cause to stop and search you? If a search warrant was used, was the warrant valid? Was the search illegal? A Kent criminal defense attorney will be able to answer these questions and use them in your defense.

Assault in Kent

Because assault is a violent crime, the penalties of an assault and battery conviction are harsh. First-degree assault is a Class A Felony and carries prison time of up to 10 years and fines up to $50,000. If you’re a repeat offender, these penalties can be increased to life in prison.

If you’ve been accused of domestic violence, then your penalties will be even harsher. Washington State takes a hard stand against domestic abuse and encourages judges to hand down severe consequences to those convicted of domestic violence.

Facing assault or domestic abuse charges in Kent? Get in touch with a defense lawyer immediately. Make sure you enter the courtroom with expert legal representation of your choice. Here at Morgan Fletcher Benfield, our legal team has years of experience defending the citizens of Kent against allegations.

Soliciting, Prostitution

Washington State has been increasing its anti-prostitution efforts recently, with one of the latest strategies emphasizing the prosecution of customers — not the prostitutes. Making the situation even more serious, prosecutors are joining in on the prostitution crackdown by pushing for felony charges for solicitation.

The increase in police stings against massage parlors and other prostitution sites in Kent has both solicitors and innocent bystanders facing severe repercussions. If you are unwittingly caught up in a police sting and are unable to provide a solid defense in court, then you could be handed a criminal conviction, jail time, steep fines, and be required to register as a sex offender.


Misdemeanors are minor, non-violent criminal offenses, including crimes such as shoplifting and disorderly conduct. While these may not sound like serious offenses to be charged with, a simple misdemeanor can still put you in prison for 90 days and fine you $1,000. More dangerous are the consequences of stacking misdemeanors, as a misdemeanor today can earn you a felony for committing the same crime tomorrow.

If you have been accused of a misdemeanor-level crime, you need to take your case very seriously. Don’t risk your future by just accepting your misdemeanor. Contact a skilled criminal defense firm in Kent and start building your defense today.

Felony Charges

Being charged with a felony of any nature is a frightening ordeal. There’s the emotional embarrassment of a very public trial process, the lengthy court proceedings which can drag on for months, and at the end of it all, the terrifying possibility of exorbitant fines and decades in prison.

If you are facing criminal felony charges, it is critical that you quickly seek out a Kent felony defense attorney. A skilled legal team, like the one here at Morgan Fletcher Benfield, will be able to guide you through the court process and take most of the stress off of you as they build a solid defense for your case.

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Regardless of the crime, a felony conviction has the potential to destroy your quality of life by forcing you to pay extreme fines and spend years in prison. Even once you’re released, your felony conviction will continue to follow you — limiting your housing and employment opportunities.

With consequences like these, it is crucial that you take criminal accusations against you very seriously. And choosing the right defense attorney is the first step towards freedom.

Kent criminal defense attorney, Morgan Fletcher Benfield, is committed to providing every client with the best possible defense and outcome to their case. He has the experience necessary to build a unique and personalized defense for your case. Don’t gamble with your future, contact Morgan Fletcher Benfield today for the skilled advocacy you deserve.